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" Possum Says "

It's Help Time

Help Save Our Play Yard!

Possum and Suzie Q here to let you know we have

a special job assignment to tell you about the new project.

Help Save Our Play Yard!

Suzie did you notice how our play yard

is falling apart? Mum was told we need

to get the blocks covered with water

proof stuff or our play yard is going

to be all gone soon.

Miss Sue B put a campaign picture together

to help us save our play yard. Mum was

told the moisture is getting into the

blocks and then in the winter it freezes,

that is what is making it crumble and

fall apart.

Mr. Harry is putting the pictures up

on our shelter raffle page for you to see.

The stuff mum was told she needs to buy

is called Dry-Lok and it costs $27.00

a gallon, there are 127 blocks that

need to be covered.

Mr. Tom figured it out for mum,

(mum is not good with math, except

ferret math that is!) he says if you

wanted to help save 1 block of our

play yard the donation would be $1.50

and if you wanted to come to paint

the stuff on YOUR block you can write

your name or draw a pretty picture on

that block!

So what do you say?

Can you please help save our play yard?


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Thank You For Helping !!

Possum and all the kids that live at the shelter.

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